Monday, 17 June 2024

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Free Republic Browse · SearchBloggers & Personal Topics · Post Article Skip to comments.News Summary-Intelligence Report 6/14/2024 Newsdump Friday*China Dumps US Treasuries*Secret Pentagon COVID Op Against China*Supreme Court Dumps Trump…
Saturday, 15 June 2024
The initiative, enabled by the Public Service Fale, was the result of a request by the PSO to provide training to their teams who lead fraud and corruption investigations for…
Friday, 14 June 2024
THREE KEY FACTS: New Zealand’s gross debt is set to increase by $212 billion between 2008 and 2028.Fifty years ago, Norway decided to assure the sustainability of its welfare state…
Friday, 14 June 2024
In a unified voice, the intelligence allies known as the ‘Five Eyes’ – the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – issued a warning about China’s…
Thursday, 13 June 2024
In a written statement provided to the Court, Daud Suryantyo pleaded not guilty to charges alleging he abused his position as a public official while employed at what was then…
Thursday, 13 June 2024
Craig Stobo is a professional director and business owner. He is chairman of the Financial Markets Authority and a member of the New Zealand Initiative. OPINION Productivity is not everything,…
Thursday, 13 June 2024
KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office has arrested four for fraud promising jobs in the USA, Cambodia, New Zealand, and France. SSP Sanuram Bhattarai of the Kathmandu Valley Crime…
Tuesday, 11 June 2024
I’ve got a trailer here for you to watch for and upcoming true crime docudrama film titled The Speedway Murders. The docudrama recounts the story of the unsolved murders that…
Saturday, 08 June 2024
The proposed UN Cybercrime Convention, scheduled for a critical concluding session from 29 July to August 9th, poses a significant threat to global human rights unless major changes are made.…
Saturday, 08 June 2024
6 June 2024 Worldwide Healthcare Trust PLC (the “Company”) Annual Financial Report for the year ended 31 March 2024 The statements below are extracted from the Company’s annual report for…
Friday, 07 June 2024
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